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 Windham, NH | Serving all of New England


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About Us


specializing in polished concrete + epoxy flooring systems

for commercial + residential spaces


Our Services


Polished Concrete | Seamless Floors | Demo + Surface Prep | Liquid Mitigation | Epoxy | Engraving 

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Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete is quickly becoming the ultimate flooring option - not only for its ability to bring a standard concrete slab to life, it's aesthetically pleasing look is just a benefit amongst its other advantages. Polished concrete is a highly affordable, low maintenance flooring option that will far surpass the life span of any other alternative.


Decorative Epoxy

Epoxy floor coatings offer a seamless flooring solution. They're extremely durable, water resistant and highly versatile so they can be customized to fit the needs of your space. This flooring solution is perfect for high foot and high machinery traffic areas that are looking for a solution that can withstand an unlimited set of demands.


Liquid Mitigation

Liquid Mitigation is the process of water proofing a surface. Moisture trapped in a concrete slab can compromise the integrity of its surface and cause significant damage that will shorten its life span. This solution is great for basements, garages or any commercial or residential space that experiences water issues. This service can be completed on its own or in combination with another flooring solution.


Demo + Surface Prep

Demo + Surface prep can be one of the most important steps when installing a top quality flooring system. Surface prep is the process of removing an existing flooring system, carpet, tile, laminate, glue, coatings, etc. to prep the underlying concrete surface for installation of a new flooring system. 



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Why Polished Concrete 

A polished concrete floor has unsurpassed durability, it's stronger, harder and more resilient than any other floor finishes. It is able to withstand pressure from heavy foot traffic and equipment and is extremely difficult to cause damage to, it will not easily scratch, chip or deteriorate.

 Strong + Durable

The Green Option

Polished Concrete is possibly the most environmentally friendly flooring system in the industry. 

It is made from abundantly available elements, those being concrete, water and aggregate. Light is maximized with reflectivity being up to 30% greater, reducing use of electricity and no harmful VOC's are emitted in the polishing process.

Long Life Span

A properly installed concrete floor will last for decades even in high traffic environments. It is not vulnerable to damage or wear and tear so over its life time any replacement or up keep costs will be tremendously reduced. 

Cost Effective

Polished Concrete is less expensive per square foot than other floor coverings and over time will transparently deliver a return on investment for its minimal upkeep, durability and long life span.

A seamless look that will compliment any space. Polished concrete is great for any area and there are endless possibilities. With the variety of color and texture options available, you can create a customized slab that is unique to your space. 

Unique + Attractive

Polished concrete doesn't require much to keep its flawless shine. It's tightly compacted to reduce any development of stains and no waxing or stripping treatments are needed to maintain appearance. 

Just simply sweep to remove any loose dirt and grab some water and a mop for a quick clean.

Easy to 

Clean + Maintain

commercial spaces | garages | basements | restaurants | kitchens | living rooms

the possibilities are endless


Our Work


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